Talent Insights: The Power Of An Effective Employer Brand

09 December 2022


The Snapshot: Owning the ‘story’ of your company as an employer can significantly improve talent attraction and retention.

The Bigger Picture: With competition for talent fierce, employer branding is an element of talent strategy that can’t be overlooked. Done well, a strong employer brand can improve talent acquisition while simultaneously shoring up the sense of ‘belonging’ of the existing workforce. An effective employer brand - featuring clear representation of company purpose, evidence of company life and stories that bring everything to life – is an incredibly valuable asset for any company.

The Scoop:

We round-up the verdict on employer brand’s power from influential sources…

  • CIPD: In its factsheet on employer branding, the professional development organization CIPD introduces the concept of an ‘employee value proposition’. This “describes what an organisation stands for, requires and offers as an employer,” and is an important precursor to developing effective employer branding. (Read More)

  • LinkedIn: Surveyed recruiting leaders worldwide, finding that whilst 72% agree that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring, only 55% actually have a proactive strategy. Employer branding can even improve retention, with employers reporting a 28% reduction in employee turnover. (Read More)

  • Glassdoor: Found that 86% of survey respondents research company reviews and ratings before deciding where to apply for a job. “An authentic, well-defined employer brand is essential to recruiting and retaining quality talent in any market, whether booming or receding.” (Read More)

  • Beamery: “Every company has a choice to make,” suggests the talent software supplier Beamery. “Do they want to try and cultivate their brand, or are they happy for candidates to make up their own minds about the company?” They add too that, “a strong employer brand can reduce the cost per hire by as much as 50%.” (Read More)

  • BuiltIn: Finally for a bit of creative inspiration, BuiltIn have rounded-up 41 examples of strong employer brands from the world of tech. They include examples from Slack, Microsoft and Dell, but numerous other small and mid-sized employers too. (Read More)

Our View:

Pentasia’s Chrysavgi Patera (profile) shares her insights and tips on employer branding:

  • “It’s not all about a good salary. People are undoubtedly more attracted to companies who offer a strong company culture, invest in their people and provide a place where staff feel valued and where their efforts are recognised.”

  • “Most-requested candidate ‘asks’ include: flexible working options; company culture; workplace/working environment; recognition and appreciation; career opportunities/potential for growth; compensation.”

  • “Employers must recognise the need to transform hiring approaches and processes. It’s all about creating an engaging, personalised experience for candidates. Good employer branding ensures a strong bond is formed before the candidate even applies.”

  • “Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes - try the application process yourself. By evaluating your employer brand from the outside, you can optimise the candidate experience.”

  • “Attracting better candidates will eventually earn you employee ‘ambassadors’. These employees will represent your company’s brand and become the best advertising tool for the business (through highly useful word of mouth.)

Key Takeaway: Undoubtedly employer branding should feature prominently within talent strategy and planning. Its power makes it worthy of serious attention and resources.

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