Getting off on the right foot: succeeding in your new role

17 November 2022


​You’ve passed the job interviews, handed in your notice, and you’re getting prepared for your new challenge. But are you ready to impress as soon as you enter the building?

One study by Robert Half shows that 63% of CFO’s interviewed give new employees less than 3 months to prove their worth, so it’s critical that you quickly prove your value. So how can you make a positive impact when starting in your new role? We share our top tips for getting off on the right foot.

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Develop a plan

Having a plan you can follow is a great way to list out the people you want to meet with, and the responsibilities you want to take on. A great way of doing this is making a 30-60-90 day plan. Within 30 days, you should aim to understand the companies values and how you’ll be expected to work, whilst also going for lunch with a team member to help you settle in. Within 60 days, you should be actively completing tasks for your new role with less input from others, and within 90 days, you could look to leading a project within your area.

Show initiative

You don’t have to stay hours past your finishing time, in fact saying “no” can be beneficial, but making sure you arrive early to set up and make your morning coffee shows to those around you that you’re ready to start the work day strong, and make a good impression for being there early. It’s important to understand that you are new to this company, and you will not have all the answers. Ask the right questions, not only to get to know your colleagues a bit better, but also to show that you are willing to learn on the job.

Show your personal brand

In some instances, the first few months are like an extension of the job interview. First impressions unfortunately stick, so make sure you put your best foot forward. Be respectful, be professional, but also be kind to those around you. Ensuring that you don’t isolate yourself from others will help keep you in people’s minds in a positive way. Taking part in work social events can also be a great way for you to break the ice with your new colleagues but it also allows them the chance to view how you interact with people when you don’t have to be so professional.

You were hired for a reason

Although you may feel like an imposter at the start, you were hired to fix a problem. Whether that be a direct replacement for someone who left, or a new role to create new business for your company, you have value to offer. Your success makes your boss or your manager successful, so find out what the major issues are for your boss and your colleagues. This shows that you are willing to help them out and will be a fantastic team player in the future.

Getting off on the right foot

If you want to be successful in your new role, utilise these tips to show you are a hard-working team player that will be a fantastic addition to the company.


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