Why working internationally is the ultimate CV booster

01 August 2022


People seeking job opportunities abroad do so for many reasons. High on the list of reasons to relocate include lifestyle improvements or to be closer to loved ones. Others seek jobs internationally because it brings new and exciting challenges and presents opportunities to progress in their career and gain the experience they might not be able to locally.

Research shows that those who take the leap and decide to work internationally benefit in several ways. In this article, we will look at why more employees are seeking opportunities abroad and how to take your career prospects international.

Why should I take my career international?

If you love an adventure or revel in the thought of a new challenge, international working may already be on your mind. The good news for those considering going global is that in a survey by Cigna, 75% of international workers surveyed are satisfied with their move and are content with their workload/working hours and benefit from a healthy wage and good work/life balance.

Here are just a few reasons why we think working internationally is a great opportunity:

Improved career prospects and opportunities

Depending on your particular skill set in the iGaming arena, you could be presented with opportunities in multiple locations if your niche is in high demand.

Furthermore, if you are thinking ahead to your future career progression, international experience is always a strong advantage on a CV for executive roles where you may have to manage or liaise with global teams. Showing you already have this experience will help you stand out from the crowd.

Life Experiences

Whatever your international experience, whether it’s manning an oil rig or doing business with a Japanese executive, you will experience things and cultures you wouldn’t have by working at home.

A better grasp of languages

Whilst it’s possible to have a good basic grasp of a foreign language by learning at home, there is a lot to be said for working abroad and living with languages every day as part of your job and sharpening your skills. Staff who are multilingual are in high demand, and having a conversational level of experience speaking another language can be a great advantage.

You’ll be able to look at things from a different perspective

Experiencing new cultures and ways of working shows that you can adapt and embrace change and be flexible at work - a trait that most employers will find impressive.

Ready to go?

If you have concluded that international work is for you, then here are our top tips for getting started:

Determine the type of job and target your search

Consider what role and sector of iGaming you want to work in and the skills you hope to acquire from working in that role. Also, consider the length of the contract you are looking for.

Do you want to work internationally for a few months? A year? Or even longer. You can hone in on the most suitable opportunities by narrowing down your requirements.

Determine where you want to work

Equally important to the type of job you want is where you want to gain international experience. Many countries advertise job opportunities to qualified international candidates.

Before committing, consider a short trip to the country you believe you want to work in to get a taste of the culture and environment to see if it feels right.

Start Job Hunting

Once you know what you are looking for and where the next step is searching for your dream job.

Check out job boards, social media networks and company career pages. Let your professional network know you are open to international opportunities as they may provide recommendations.

If you are considering relocating for work or a lifestyle change and are concerned that it will negatively affect your prospects, you will find the complete opposite is true.

International working can broaden your horizons, improve your employability, and provide experiences that will enrich and enhance your career both now and in the future.


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