Talent Market Update: Marketing

18 August 2021

Tmu Marketing

Market Snapshot: High demand, combined with talent rigidity is forcing companies to offer greater incentives and salary for top candidates.

  • Within our current candidate driven market, we are seeing exponential growth in marketing positions globally at all levels.

  • Marketing professionals are critical to business growth and therefore employers are placing emphasis on recruiting high calibre talent that our currently already working within the iGaming sector.

  • Those who survived the pandemic with there current employers feel supported and secure, making candidate movement more rigid than ever. In turn, those who have got their eyes elsewhere require a lot more incentive to move, with expectations of remote working and higher % salary increases becoming more frequent.

  • Time consuming and disengaging hiring processes have proved the number one cause of lost candidates.

  • The companies who are securing the best talent are understanding the changes and can adapt their processes and positions to meet the needs of the new market.

  • Counter offers are more prevalent in this market as companies make last effort to keep talent and also analytical candidates comfortable with Martech platforms.

Key takeaway: The current market favours candidates, successful companies are offering higher salary, more incentives and streamlining their hiring processes to attract the top talent.