Talent Market Update: iGaming Product Management

13 April 2021 By Darren Kirby, Pentasia

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Market Snapshot: A heavily candidate-driven market which is requiring increasing patience and investment by employers.


The Latest:

  • Product managers are in high demand and are often seen as critical hires to enable business growth.

  • Industry-specific experience is critical. Employers are generally only looking for top-tier candidates, focusing on those already performing to a high standard within an existing iGaming role.

  • In 2020-21, product managers who stayed with their employer feel increasingly supported and few are motivated to leave. Understandably, job security and loyalty is highly valued.

  • Salary increases of 5-10% used to be enough to recruit. Now, employers can only confidently secure a hire by offering substantially more.

  • Hiring processes too often last for many weeks, and even months. This is the #1 cause of lost candidates.

  • Companies who are offering more flexibility around location are securing better candidates. Many candidates already think 'on the ground' work is a thing of the past. It's now not unusual to hire talent on consulting contracts, outside of jurisdiction.

Key Takeaway:

Manage the hiring process effectively to keep candidates interested, and be prepared to pay more to secure an experienced hire.

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