​A Career That Lasts: Why iGaming Professionals Stick It Out Long-Term

11 November 2020

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iGaming is so much more than a job for many within its professional community. It’s a career that many feel truly passionate about, beyond the confines of a 9 to 5. 

So many of the candidates we talk to consider themselves “in iGaming for the long term”. For many that’s not necessarily the only path (many skillsets can, after all, often transfer well into other industries), meaning that most are making an active choice to stay the course.

What is it, then, that keeps professionals committed to iGaming? Here’s our take:

01 The Community

iGaming enjoys an undeniable buzz. It’s a buzz that comes from the culture of entrepreneurship, the often rapid-growth of successful enterprises and the incredibly talented people who iGaming attracts. iGaming’s highly inter-connected global nature creates a sense of collaborative community that many professionals get hooked on.

02 Innovative Spirit

Innovation is what drives the iGaming industry’s ongoing performance and growth. But it also makes for an energising working environment. An innovative spirit is required in all kinds of areas; not just product strategists, but also compliance specialists, marketing departments and commercial leaders. At Pentasia, we find that this “culture of innovation” is a strong draw for many aspiring industry entrants.

03 Demand For Talent

It’s no secret that iGaming is facing a talent shortage. High demand makes for some attractive offers that entice graduates and specialists to start their career path in iGaming. And for those who make the cut, continuing demand often makes progression opportunities directly attainable. 

04 Challenge & Scope

Every professional wants to feel that their work is valued, but many also like to stretch their skillsets to see how far they can go. In iGaming, there’s certainly no shortage of challenges to overcome, and often there’s the scope to explore them too. This can be hugely refreshing and highly fulfilling, especially for those used to working within slower corporate organisations.

05 Rewards

As we frequently remind our clients, remuneration is far from everything. Job-seeking candidates look at salary and bonus packages as a baseline, but really make their mind up based on what they learn about the company and specifics of the role. That said, iGaming’s above-average rates of pay offer an undeniable attraction factor.

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