The Esports Betting Boom: 5 Key Skills Your Business Needs

01 September 2020

Esports Arena   Blog Image

Virtual Sports have never been more popular. Accelerated by Covid-19, Esports attracts millions of viewers – and, increasingly, bettors – worldwide. So who do you need to hire, or what skills should you be training to take advantage of the Esports trend?

First, a reminder of the opportunity. Esports is the widely-used term for video games that are turned into organised, competitive… ‘sports’. Popular games include Fortnite, League of Legends and Counter-Strike, as well as digital versions of on-pitch favourites like FIFA and Madden NFL.

Esports is a big, popular and fast-growing online world. Analysts Newzoo predicts a total audience of 557 million by 2021 (of which 250 million would be classed as ‘enthusiasts’). This would generate more than $1.6 billion revenue – largely from brand investments. But what about betting?

Source: Newzoo

Many of the world’s biggest betting brands - including Bet365, PaddyPower, 888 and SkyBet – are already making big plays for the Esports market. But, with more to be done, it’s critical businesses have the right talent available.

Here are some of the key hires required for a betting business interested in Esports expansion:

1. Esports Professionals

Branching into the Esports scene requires niche knowledge that only someone with industry experience can provide. In addition, they will have the connections already in place to grow your brand. Bringing in an analyst, coach or former player from the games you wish to provide betting products for will provide valuable benefits in addition to boosting brand awareness.

2. Sportsbetting Professionals

‘Real-life’ sportsbetting is a well established industry, with a wealth of talent available. There are many professionals who will thrive in the transition into a new digital arena. Bringing in an experienced sportsbetting professional will provide a different perspective on the Esports betting industry.

3. Marketing Professionals

Getting marketers with an interest in the industry to join your team will not only help win betting accounts but also educate traditional customers to try your new Esports offering. Try and find professionals experienced with rising social media platforms in the Esports industry such as Discord and Reddit.

4. Legal and Compliance Professionals

The iGaming industry is heavily regulated so offering betting for Esports will require professionals with the legal and compliance know-how to navigate the rules and regulations to ensure everything is legitimate. Roles would suit candidates seeking fresh challenges within a new and untested space.

5. Leaders

Ultimately, capitalising on any new opportunity will require clear and adept leadership. Entrepreneurial professionals with leadership experience will prove invaluable when exploring a new upcoming market like Esports betting. Having a strong leader will steer your team to the next level and take advantage of these 5 Key Skills listed.


If your gaming business is investing in Esports, contact Pentasia to find out more about hiring the people you need