iGaming Talent In 2020: The Recruitment Outlook

06 January 2020

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​This new decade offers exciting prospects for the iGaming industry. Since its emergence in the 90's, online gambling has travelled far. Now in its fourth decade, this is a mature industry facing fresh challenges; not least in the area of talent. 

"Over-fishing" in the same talent pools can only be seen as a short-term fix. For our industry to deliver the growth and product innovation it forecasts for 2020 and beyond, a longer-term approach to talent acquisition will be required. Just as in the founding days of our industry, entrepreneurs and innovators led us forward, we will need talented specialists from every kind of background in order to thrive. 

Talent attraction and retention are therefore already featuring highly on ambitious companies’ core strategies for the coming years. 

Meanwhile, the skills shortage continues to cause pain, particularly in high demand areas such as product, tech, legal and commercial roles. As we highlighted in ourSalary Survey 2019 [iGaming Business - free to access], those with iGaming-specific industry experience know their value and are commanding a premium not only in terms of salary but also in working lifestyle benefits. 

Candidates who previously hoped for remote working, generous bonuses and perks like ‘travel allowances’, may currently view these as standard benefits. Ultimately, in a talent-short market, candidates’ expectations will gradually need to be met, and this will include further increases in salary following the 8.5% industry-wide rise in 2019.

In the US, the huge growth in the sports betting market will require significant recruitment to fuel ongoing growth. Importing talent into the US remains challenging, so a home-grown approach will be required, including cross-industry hiring and continuous training and development of hires with no industry experience.

As we see in the new decade, the online gambling sector must continue to prioritise recruitment strategy and invest in attracting world-class talent to the online gaming industry. With ever-increasing competition for skilled professionals, this challenge is likely to become notably harder, and is one we all need to invest in overcoming.


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