Green Talent: How CSR Excellence Starts with Talent Acquisition

24 January 2020

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is earning an ever-greater place on the business agenda. Good CSR pushes businesses to consider their impact beyond the classic financial bottom line. Talent strategy - including hiring, training and managing staff - can have a huge impact on CSR success.

Recruiting the right candidate can be a challenging and lengthy process for any business. It requires effort, research and ensuring that your company attracts the best talents in the market.
In an era that the pool of candidates grows and there is a plethora of jobs offered, you need to make your business to stand out if you wish to win over and retain your future employees. Nowadays, candidates can also pick and choose the companies they want to work for based on a set of criteria that include not only the ‘usual suspects’ such as salary, working hours, benefits but also, they are looking to be part of a business that is diverse, has a social and environmental impact. A company that they feel can make a difference.

What Is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a system that motivates businesses to assess their impacts on the environment, their employees and society. Today more than ever people are feeling the need to care for the planet and for each other, therefore CSR is growing in popularity.
A good CSR strategy can cover an abundance of topics like charity, health, recycling, education and many more, that will be beneficial not only for the employer, but for the employees’ environment and society.

How Does CSR Affect Talent Strategy?

“CSR” and “talent” may seem like separate business units, but there are numerous overlaps:
  • CANDIDATE OUTREACH - A company with a clear CSR strategy will be more attractive on the job market as it offers so much more than the rest, gives its employees the feeling they can make a difference and ultimately, they can be part of something bigger than a 9-5 employment.
  • DELIVERY OF CSR STRATEGIES - Attracting new socially responsible talent can be crucial for an organisation to improve their CSR strategy, so it is important to make Corporate Social Responsibility part of your recruitment strategy.        
  • MOTIVATION & CULTURE – With CSR issues firmly on our collective radar, providing opportunities for employees to devise, deliver and improve company initiatives can be highly motivating. Strong CSR credentials can have a truly transformational effect on company culture.

Next Steps: How To Build CSR Excellence Into Talent Strategy

  • Ensure that your business embraces CSR and emphasise it when it comes to future employees.
  • Highlight the company’s values when it comes to diversity, progress within the company and more importantly the social profile of the company.
  • Emphasise those extra ‘values’: from charity work, to recycling and anything between such as building team days, working from home, flexible hours in order to contribute to traffic and carbon footprint reduce – every factor no matter how small it is can improve your CSR and allure the best candidates for your business.
Millennials and every generation after them have shown a different approach when it comes to choose their next employment. Being a business with a clear and profound CSR strategy can only benefit you and not only attract the best talents for you but help you retain them and maintain a healthy turn over within your company.
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