6 Warning Signs It's Time To Move On

16 December 2019

6 Warning Signs   Time To Move On
iGaming can be a competitive business. With so many opportunities out there, it can be tempting to look elsewhere if your current job isn’t giving you the satisfaction you deserve. At Pentasia we’ve had thousands of conversations with people stuck in jobs they could do better than. So take it from us - if you’re experiencing any of these ‘warning signs’ below, then it might be time to start looking.
(A word of caution – it’s never a good look to bad-mouth your current employer at interview - even if what you’re saying is true! Think about how you could explain your situation honestly but with a positive attitude, talking about how you’ve tried to resolve these issues where possible).

1. There’s a lack of progression

One of the most common reasons people leave is they feel stuck and not able to progress. If your boss isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and there’s no scope to move elsewhere in the company, then you may start to question if you’d be better off in another firm - perhaps one that’s growing fast or has structured career paths to reward good performers.

2. You don’t respect your boss (or the leadership)

Bad boss? You’re not alone. 60% of us have left or are considering leaving a job due to a poor manager. Whether it’s a mismatch of skills (such as them being less qualified than you - nightmare), you don’t like their management style, or it’s just a personality clash, a bad manager can have a significant detrimental affect on your productivity. Although you should try and work on the relationship where you can, if you believe it’s fundamentally flawed (and they’re not about to move on), it could be time to shop around. You want to be happy at work after all.

3. You don’t like the team or culture

If you’re employed full time, chances are you’re spending more time with your colleagues than your family or significant other. So, it’s pretty important that you like the people and/or the culture. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to gauge when interviewing – you may not meet the whole team, and companies tend to portray the culture in the best light. If you find yourself in an organisation you feel uncomfortable in, you may be happier long-term in a different environment, one where you can be your authentic self.

4. Work is draining your energy or taking a toll on your mental health

It’s normal to get the Monday morning / post-holiday blues now and again, but if you’re dreading going into the office every day, then something’s wrong. According to HR News, a worrying 74% of us said we’re losing sleep over workplace stress. It might feel like the norm if you’ve been in a stressful role for some time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your health is not worth sacrificing.

5. You’re always in your comfort zone

It might seem like an ideal scenario if you’re able to do your job with your eyes closed, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you’re not learning anything or being challenged, you may become bored and despondent, and you’re certainly unlikely to be moving your career forward in the long run. It might be time for a change – you’ll feel energised by it.

6. There’s something better out there

We sometimes talk about ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors when it comes to leaving a job. While many of the above may ‘push’ you into job searching, sometimes the simple ‘pull’ of a better opportunity could mean that leaving is the right thing to do. In fact, it’s far more desirable to leave your role when you’re in a good position. It will allow you to negotiate better offers with other companies since you’re not desperate to leave, and you’ll have a better chance of leaving on good terms with your current employer. So, if you see something exciting, it could be a sign you should go for it.
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