It's Personal: Why Our Commitment To Recruitment Relationships Matters

31 July 2019 By Alastair Cleland

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Let’s face it, recruitment can have a bit of a bad rep. You’ve probably heard stories of candidates being mis-sold opportunities and clients getting CVs that don’t fit the bill, or you might have had radio silence after interviewing for a role. But as anyone who has worked with a good recruiter will know, these outcomes are in no way inevitable. When you’re dealing with a professional, you’ll know that they understand you as a person - not just a number for their targets.

At Pentasia, we’ve always thought of this personal touch as a key differentiator; in fact, it’s central to our entire model. After all, we’re part of the Conexus Group, whose mission is to “enable valuable connections between people and business worldwide”. And you can’t enable valuable connections without being personable and authentic.

With recruitment processes - especially in large companies - becoming more automated and tech-enabled, there’s a danger of losing the personal touch that keeps candidates engaged. That’s why we think it’s so important to preserve.

But does being personal in recruitment actually work? Well - YES, and here’s 3 reasons why.

01 We can effectively 'sell’ our candidates. Because they’ve listened, your Pentasia recruiter will be telling the client exactly why you’re the right person for the role, rather than your CV arriving in the hiring manager’s inbox as one of many. And because we’ve built relationships over many years of working with our clients, they trust what we say.

02 You’ll also be provided with career-focused industry insight and feedback that specialised recruiters are uniquely placed to give – after all, few others speak to people in depth every day from companies across the industry.

03 Our clients know that we’ll be honest and upfront, and can give insight into why candidates we present are a match not only in terms of skillet, but also culture/team fit and the candidate’s career aspirations.

So – how does this work in practice?

  • We provide regular updates to our candidates (there’s nothing worse than sending across someone’s CV then leaving them hanging!). We’ll always try to get as much feedback as possible, and keep candidates regularly updated about the application process.

  • We give honest, constructive feedback. No-one appreciates being misled or lied to - even white lies. We won’t sugar coat interview feedback (we’re sure you’re adult enough to take it) but aim to give pointers to work with for the future.

  • We’re upfront; we’ll tell you if we think your CV is unlikely to be accepted by a company, or if the role you’ve applied for might not be a step up enough from your current position.

  • We give insights to candidates – such as, how best to prepare for the interview process, experience of past candidates we’ve placed, how the company is perceived by competitors or others in the market.

  • Because we build relationships with our candidates and really get to know them – their aspirations, work loves and hates – we’ll know that when your dream job becomes live, we’ll pick up the phone and give you a call. Now that’s something you can’t expect from an algorithm.

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