Marketing In Online Gambling: The Career Opportunity

04 June 2019 By Alastair Cleland


​The online gambling sector has exploded in recent years. It now appeals to a much wider audience and includes a range of innovative products designed to capture and entertain players.

This has been in no small part thanks to the talented marketers in the industry, who have put the right messaging in front of the right audience at the right time. Just like in any digital sector, the most successful marketing teams are those that are creative, customer focused, and data driven. But additional skills are required when selling a highly regulated product that needs to be entertaining while not encouraging problem behaviour.  

So if you’re a marketing professional looking for a new role in this lucrative, technologically advanced and (let’s face it) fun industry, read on to find out about the career opportunities that await.

Take Your Pick: Marketing Jobs in Online Gambling

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re promoting a gambling product, an easy way to increase your reach will be through affiliates, an external network of sites that will promote your product for a revenue share. Affiliate managers oversee recruiting and establishing terms with affiliate partners, as well as optimising conversions from the affiliate channel. The best are analytical with excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Brand & Campaigns

Since online gambling is an industry based on trust, brand is especially important - get it wrong and you’ll lose the trust of your customers. Brand marketing managers are tasked with developing a brand identity and ensuring all campaigns are aligned with the brand. You’ll need a high degree of creativity and data analysis, but also communication and collaboration to work across the marketing team and wider business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Social Media

Gone are the days of short-term tricks like keyword stuffing, SEO is a long-term endeavour requiring highly skilled professionals. SEO specialists ensure that content, design and UX are optimised for the often highly competitive search terms used in online gambling. Day to day this might include content creation, link building, research and constantly tracking performance. On social platforms too, creating the right content is crucial to win followers and gain loyal fans. Good candidates are meticulous and always abreast with technical developments.

Paid Advertising

Ads can be an effective way for online gambling companies to get their brand in front of the right audience. However, they’re also expensive, which means that marketing professionals who can maximise return on investment are sought-after. Paid ads can include search, display and social – and getting the content right is key. Again, you’ll need analytical skills as well as a technical knowledge of ad platforms.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It costs about five times as much to acquire a customers as it does to retain them, which means that CRM marketing– marketing to customers or prospects with a prior relationship with the brand – is an essential part of any marketing strategy. CRM marketers devise segmented, often automated email campaigns and continuously track conversion data to optimise performance. A love for data and a working knowledge of CRM programs is essential, as well as the ability to create messages with a compelling call to action.

Leadership and Management

Reporting into senior leadership, you’ll play the lead role in defining and executing on marketing strategy, managing the overall budget and hiring and managing staff. Ae well as technical marketing expertise, decisiveness and collaboration are key. Applicants will usually require experience in managing teams of marketing professionals across the functions above.

Top tips for getting hired

01 Use examples of winning campaigns or creatives. If you’re applying for more creative roles, supplement your CV with links to an online portfolio or website. For data-focused roles, use metrics to illustrate how your campaign outperformed expectations.

02 Upskill– Digital marketing is always changing, so whatever your specialism, make sure you are familiar with the latest trends and programs. This will make you a more attractive candidate for prospective employers.  

03 Be bold –Don’t be afraid of applying opportunities that are a little ‘out there’. If you can demonstrate a transferable skillset and the right work ethic, you’re in with a chance.