Job Explained: Business Development Manager

28 June 2019 By Alastair Cleland

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What is a business development manager? How much do business development managers earn? How do you get your first job in business development, and what’s the long-term career potential? In this job explained profile, we explore everything you need to know about business development jobs. . .

What is a Business Development Manager?

Business Development Managers are concerned with growing businesses by creating external relationships. They’re the driving force behind generating new sales leads and commercial contacts. Strong Business Development Managers – or BDM’s – are highly prized for their clear understanding of the competitive position of the business. Ultimately, BDM’s work alongside other senior staff to develop new potential prospects, pitch products and services to clients and grow lucrative business relationships.

You may also come across these job titles similar to a Business Development Manager:

  • Account Manager

  • Key Account Manager

  • Account Director

  • Client Relationship Manager

  • Business Development Executive

  • Business Development Manager

  • Sales & Business Development Manager

  • Marketing & Business Development Manager

  • Business Development Director

  • Business Partner

  • Sales Manager

  • Sales Development Representative

What does a Business Development Manager do in the online gambling sector?

Numerous operators and suppliers jockey for market share in gaming’s competitive B2B landscape. Tasked with growing the commercial performance of their operation, a Business Development Manager will help identify new business opportunities and build relationships with prospective clients. Depending on the company, the role can be a singular position of comprise part of a larger team. BDM’s consult closely with cross-functional teams including product specialists on new technical developments and marketing teams on lead generation and outreach campaigns.

The pros and cons of Business Intelligence as a career:



● Exposure to leadership, and opportunity to influence high-level strategy

● Ideal for those with a strong interest in sales and building relationships

● Financially rewarding bonus-related pay

● Requires strong presentation and communication skills

● Highly target-driven environment 

How much does a Business Development Manager earn?

An average salary for a Business Development Manager in online gambling is around £50,000+ including bonus and benefits. More senior positions can command up to £10,000+, whilst entry-level salaries, including graduate roles, tend to pay around £25,000 - £30,000.

What qualifications or experience do you need to become a Business Development Manager?

Business Development Management professionals come from a range of backgrounds, however usually entry criteria include the following:

  • Strong commercial background

  • with proven track record of exceeding targets and generating revenue

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • preferably in finance, marketing or business management, but this is flexible

  • Key skills including

  • negotiation, business communication, relationship building and specific industry knowledge

How do I get a job as a Business Development Manager?

Business Development Managers are highly specialist, and it’s a skillset that’s usually in high demand. You’ll find sales and business development management jobs advertised online, including mid-level to senior positions in gaming and gambling. Be sure to include all relevant qualifications and experience when writing your CV - and don’t forget to send us a copy too, as we often have exclusive and unadvertised business development managerial roles.