Online Betting: The Career Opportunity

14 May 2019 By Alastair Cleland

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​Are you looking for a fast-paced role where you’re challenged every day, but still feel part of a big family? Then a role in gaming or betting could be your ‘winning ticket’ to career success. In the following paragraphs we’ll outline why you should consider online gambling for your next career move, a few of the areas you could be working in, and finally some top tips to get you hired.

Why work in betting, gaming or sportsbook?

It’s cutting-edge 

Betting and gaming companies have always employed cutting-edge tech to remain competitive: the first online bet was made in 1994, well before many digital industries truly took off. As a result, you’ll see substantial technology budgets and talented technical colleagues.

It can be (very) lucrative 

Betting companies are known for their generous benefits and great working environment, which means that you can expect competitive salaries(especially for experienced candidates),state-of-the-art offices and free beer on Fridays.

There’s lots of opportunity

Online gambling has shown its resistance to economic downturn which means it’s a ‘safe bet’ (see what we did there) for your career. Moreover, the industry is growing, driven by digital, which means that qualified candidates are always in demand – even with no prior industry experience.

It’s fast paced 

The nature of gambling and sports means that it’s a high-energy, fast-paced industry. Fortunes can be won and lost on the spin of a wheel or during the closing moments of a race – resulting in some memorable moments before and during key events.

You’ll have some fun 

For most who work in online betting, coming to work is genuinely something to look forward to. If you have a passion for sports and digital technology this is a chance to immerse yourself in stimulating subject matter all day, while bouncing your ideas off like-minded people. The industry is known for its open, sociable and big family feel. (Oh and did we mention the parties…)

Online Betting Jobs

So now you’re sold on the industry, where do you start? The online gambling industry has many openings for newbies and experienced professionals alike, so take your pick:

Customer Service

Where many people start their career, you’ll be on the front line of support, resolving customer queries and issues using your superior subject matter knowledge and people skills. Languages are a major bonus!


All-rounded marketing opportunities where you'll be responsible for manging campaigns - for creatives you'll thrive in copywriting, social and content. The logical may prefer PPC, SEO and CRM, this will require rigorous data analysis skills.

Product Management

Managing multiple stakeholders, you’ll be responsible for delivering new betting and gaming projects to market– from inception to design, build and rollout. Working to unite teams in the tech, marketing and sales departments. 


Gambling is a heavily regulated industry, so you’ll be involved in ensuring your company understand its policies and procedures in licensing, products to marketing, while delivering a great customer experience.

Software Development

You’ll get to build and deliver world-class apps, software and games. Expect to work in highly collaborative, fast paced teams that are passionate about the products, played by millions around the world. 

Design UX/UI

Since gaming and betting is a leisure and entertainment industry, you can have some fun as a designer. Specialists in UX/UI, product and design can expect to receive a tight brief and collaborate effectively.

Our 3 Tips on getting hired:

Be persistent

Although opportunity is rife, it can also be competitive, especially if you lack industry experience. But don’t be put off – try to apply for as many roles as you can while making sure you can tailor each application appropriately (eg. by referencing why you want to apply to this company).

Make a little knowledge go a long way

Many candidates who work in online gambling come with transferable skills from other industries. While many companies are open to candidates without experience, any experience you have will be an advantage. If you’ve completed a relevant project or worked in an adjacent industry, bring this to the forefront of your application. Do as much research as possible on the industry and the company so you can wow at interview.

Always be networking

Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family or acquaintances for advice or introductions to hiring managers. Even if your ‘black book’ is lacking, you can reach out to people from the industry (by email, LinkedIn or attending events) or work with specialist recruiters such as Pentasia who can introduce you to their clients.

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