Career Guide: Graduate Online Betting Jobs

04 March 2019 By Alastair Cleland

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​Working in the gambling industry might not have been your childhood dream, but if you’re an ambitious graduate looking for a fast-paced, challenging role, it could be right up your street. The iGaming sector has grown significantly in recent years, and with huge investment in cutting-edge technologies, it’s an innovative and dynamic place to build a career as a graduate. Read on to secure the graduate betting job of your dreams with Pentasia’s quick-fire career guide.

First, choose your path: 4 ways to get in

Graduate schemes

If you’ve got a broad skill set and aren’t committed to one function, a graduate scheme that exposes you to different parts of the business (such as finance, operations, product) may be a good fit. These are typically run by large companies, but many smaller firms offer them too. It’s good to highlight extra-curricular activity to show you’re a well-rounded individual, as well as demonstrating your passion for sports and gaming.

Tech & Development

If you’ve got a technical degree background, you’re in luck: your skills are in high demand. You’ll likely be able to apply for immediate entry roles in development with a decent starting salary and great options for progression to more advanced technical or management roles. Anything you've coded, from programming games to building websites, could set you apart. 

Mathematics & Analytical

The very existence of the gambling sector depends on rigorous mathematical skillanalysing probabilities, modelling customer acquisition- making skills like data analysis and business intelligence (BI) extremely sought-after. So if you’ve got a love for numbers and data along with an analytical degree, this could be your way in.

Business Skills

If you’re commercially minded with an entrepreneurial spirit (and you can demonstrate this through projects you’ve created or run) then business focused schemes like sales, management or marketing could be for you. Here, rewards are high and perks are impressive.

Bonus points if you’ve already got experience in the gambling or betting world.

Insider Tips for success:

So you’ve decided to apply for your first graduate betting job – now what? Here are our tips for starting out:

Do your research

This is advisable for any graduate job, but it’s especially applicable to the gambling sector. As it’s a less traditional option for graduates, you may find it harder to source useful information from your university or careers advisors. Read industry news, browse job descriptions and make sure you’ve thoroughly researched each company you apply to or interview with, including their services and company values.

Demonstrate an analytical mindset

Data lies at the heart of the iGaming industry– the most successful companies are those who have leveraged analytical capabilities across sportsbook, marketing and product development. If you can demonstrate your ability to make data-driven decisions through your CV or answers to questions at the interview, you’ll make yourself a more appealing candidate.

Practice Interviewing

Interviewing is a skill: the more you practice, the better you’ll get. Create a list of common interview questions such as “What interests you about our company / the sector”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses, “what do you know about the role” and practice talking them through with family and friends.

Convey your passion

Gambling is a sector where many people go to work because they genuinely love what they do. If you have a passion for sports, gaming or betting, don’t be afraid to talk about it. However, remember you won’t be hired on your interest alone, so be sure to demonstrate the skills you have that could make you a valuable addition to the company.

Use your networking skills

Don’t be afraid to leverage your network to approach people working in betting jobs - whether that’s friends, family or potential employers you’ve met at careers fairs. You’ll gain valuable insight that you can use on applications or at interview - plus you’ll be able to demonstrate your passion to recruiters. And if you don’t know anyone personally, consider connecting with hiring managers and recruiters on LinkedIn to solicit advice.

Bonus Tip: Be persistent

Graduate job hunting can be gruelling, and it’s often hard work to make yourself stand out. Don’t get disheartened. Apply to as many openings as you can, but be mindful of quality: a tailored CV and cover email are worth 10x “apply with one click” applications.

Looking to get a job in online betting?

Here are some examples of gambling industry job titles you should be looking out for:

List of graduate betting jobs

  • Sports Trader

  • Sports Betting Analyst

  • Technical Product Manager (Sports)

  • Bookmakers 

  • SEO and Marketing Manager 

  • Marketing Assistant / Executive

  • Junior Account Manager

  • Junior BI (Business Intelligence) / Data Analyst

  • Customer Service Executive

  • Live Game Presenter (Casino, Blackjack, Poker)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Executive

  • Junior Legal Counsel / Compliance Officer

  • Copywriter / Content Executive

Ready to apply? Check out our latest graduate betting jobs here. You can also contact us to speak to a recruiter directly.