Artificial Intelligence In Online Gambling: The Career Opportunity

01 April 2019 By Alastair Cleland

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​Artificial intelligence is one of the most disruptive technologies of the day, so it’s no surprise that people who know how to use it are in for a career boost.

AI technologies can be applied across a range of disciplines and industries, often relying on computers crunching swathes of data, deriving rules and insight that humans can’t easily spot. Online gambling has been quick on the uptake: after all, the industry has always been dependent on high-quality data analysis. As a result, we’re seeing artificial intelligence being applied across several areas, including:

User Experience (UX)/Personalisation

Any digital businesses wants to learn how to provide the best-personalised products to its users, and online gambling is no different. AI can observe user behaviour to test things like how people use products, what offers individuals respond best to, and what is the optimal time to position an offer.

Customer Service

Chatbots have been around a while, but with the addition of more advanced AI they are becoming less clunky and more intelligent. Online gambling companies are benefitting hugely here, solving customer queries faster and at a lower cost than traditional customer service agents.

Identifying Problem Behaviour

Problem gamblers spell bad news for any gambling company, as allowing such behaviour risks regulatory action and damages the reputation of the industry. Nowadays smart operators are using AI to detect patterns of behaviour likely to represent gambling addiction and point users in the direction of appropriate support.

Fraud and Cybersecurity

Due to the nature of the business, online gambling has always been a key target for money-laundering, whether that’s those trying to beat the bookies, or cybercriminals trying to steal customer’s financial data. AI has become an essential tool here, such as its ability to spot patterns in large amounts of data.

Calculating Odds

The viability of online gambling businesses in no small part depends on how accurate odds are set. Too high and demand is lost to competitors, too low and margins are compromised. Gambling companies have long employed talented mathematicians to ensure the correct odds are set, but artificial intelligence is making this process faster and more automated.

Jobs in Online Gambling for AI specialists

If you see ‘artificial intelligence’ in the same sentence as ‘jobs’ you’re probably reading about how your livelihood is about to be unceremoniously replaced by a robot. But while it’s true that AI is disrupting many traditional job roles, AI is creating jobs as well as replacing them. Although the lion’s share of vacancies will be in the technical sphere, there are plenty of other career paths where it’s worth being an AI guru.


Gone are the days where guesswork and intuition define marketing budgets, today’s marketers are making data-driven decisions based on rigorous analysis and testing of customer behaviour. Artificial intelligence software programmes can be used to automate this, spotting insight like which copy has the most impact and when, which customer segments are most responsive, and refining strategy accordingly. As a result, marketers skilled at implementing AI-based techniques are already finding themselves in high demand.


Online gambling has always relied on expert technical talent and as artificial intelligence becomes more widespread, career opportunities are multiplying. Developers with skills in AI related languages such as Python and R have a wealth of career opportunities available, helping to build algorithms applied to a range of areas across the business. 

Operations and Compliance

When bricks and mortar casinos moved online, operations and security teams moved with them. Today’s compliance professionals must deploy a range of sophisticated techniques to spot data breaches, identify problem gamblers and protect against the increasing number of people trying to game the system. The ability to deploy AI frees operations and compliance professionals from number-crunching, giving them more time for strategic initiatives and ultimately increasing their effectiveness.

Trading and Odds-setting

As we’ve seen, setting the right odds at the right time is business-critical for online gambling companies. New information is always flowing, meaning that odds need to be updated in real-time. Instead of doing the analysis manually, top trading and odds-setting professionals are building and managing AI models that can crunch the data accurately and in real-time. 

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