The CRM Manager: Data-obsessed, Customer Focused, Marketing Whizz [Quicknotes]

01 November 2018 By Alastair Cleland

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​Data, automation and personalisation has never been more important in creating a winning marketing strategy. And with tightening compliance, it’s crucial that firms get as much as possible out of customer data, without falling foul of regulations like GDPR. Enter, the CRM manager, the person with the ability to tie everything together for ultimate success.


Earnings: Varies depending on experience, with a range of about £30,000 - £50,000 plus bonus. Heads of departments in larger companies may earn more.   

Hang-Outs: Earnestly poring over the latest customer analytics with members of the marketing or data teams.

Key Skills: Human psychology (what makes us tick?), data manipulation and analysis, collaboration, communication

Secret Weapon: While decisions are always data-driven, their intuitive knowledge of customer behaviour is on-point.

Ultimate Ambition: Some dream of the CMO role. Others dream of the perfectly optimised campaign, with plentiful resources to back it up.

So, what exactly is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

Say ‘CRM’ and many might think of the software that helps marketing and sales professionals track and manage interactions with their customers. But CRM as a field is about more than administrating CRM software - is all about building a clear picture of customers through behavioural, transactional and demographic data, then leveraging that data to deliver integrated, multi-channel marking campaigns. The ultimate goal is to drive revenues by improving metrics like customer loyalty, customer lifetime value, conversion rates, retention and churn.

What role does a CRM Manager play in a tech or igaming company?

Tech, ecommerce, and iGaming, like many other digital businesses, have huge quantities of customer data, and a CRM manager helps find the value in that data. For example, e-commerce CRM managers may plan a series of customised messages using personalised content around events like previous purchases, holidays or birthdays. Or companies in sports betting might created automated messages stating enticing odds targeted to fit with upcoming fixtures.

What kind of person thrives in CRM?

To succeed, CRM managers need both technical understanding– the ability to navigate and analyse data- but also strong audience awareness and psychology so they can choose the right message and build strong connections between customers and the brand. Additionally, the role demands excellent communication and project management skills, as cross-functional collaboration (between tech, analytics, product, marketing, compliance, etc) is required to execute on campaigns. So anyone who loves digging into the data, but also has an excellent intuition and interest in human behaviour is likely to be well-suited to the role.

What’s a typical career path (and what’s the *ultimate* potential)?

Most CRM managers tend to start their career in customer service or junior marketing, where they cut their teeth with digital marketing tools and techniques and get used to thinking in the mindset of customers. Others come from a more technical route, having already mastered tools like Adobe Analytics, Optimove, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP CRM.

CRM Management is a critical role in marketing, and is only becoming more so with the increased reliance on data for customer success, making the CRM Manager a highly valued and well-paid role. It can be a stepping stone to more senior marketing roles, or even the C-suite in digital companies.

Highs and Lows of the Job?

Highs: Seeing the results of a successful campaign. 

Lows: When colleagues underestimate the importance of CRM in driving growth.  

Ready to take your career in CRM to the next level?

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