5 Recruitment Tactics for the Digital Age

30 September 2018 By Alastair Cleland

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​Talent is one of the biggest bottlenecks facing businesses today, especially fast-growing firms in the tech and digital space. According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 45% of hiring managers were struggling to fill much needed vacancies due to the lack of talent, and 72% experienced a lack of relevant candidates. In other words, the current job market is candidate-driven, with some research suggesting that over 90% of the market remains firmly in candidates’ favour. Passive and active job seekers alike have access to a wealth of data from sites like Glassdoor, plus with networking tools such as LinkedIn, it’s easier to switch jobs than ever before. As an employer, this means that having the recruitment strategy is business-critical. From our experience, here are some recruitment tactics – for the digital age. Recruitment in the digital age: Our top 5 tips. 

Recruitment in the digital age: Our top 5 tips 

(Source: Linkedin 2017)

1. Create an Awesome Employer Brand

In the race to attract top talent, savvy employers are putting more focus on company branding. After all, how do you expect to attract the best to your organisation if it’s not a desirable place to work? There’s no quick fix: creating a thriving culture should be a long-term strategic focus. Many factors can enhance the brand; from investing in an attractive office space and offering a comprehensive set of perks and benefits to getting actively involved in industry events or promoting company values and a diverse workplace. All of the above and more can help build your company’s reputation as the hottest place to work, which should be a key focus for any company interested in attracting and retaining top talent. 

2. It’s All About The Data

In today’s digital world, data rules, and data collection and analysis tools are evolving on virtually a week by week basis. The smartest recruiters are continuously collecting and analysing data to expand recruiting metrics beyond time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, to longer-term metrics that measure performance, fit, tenure and retention. Often this can be easily integrated and managed by Talent Management Systems (TRMs) for talent pool building. Over time, this will help to build more effective recruitment strategies. 

3. Automate For Slicker Recruitment Processes

The internet has given people the ability to apply to jobs in one click. Whilst that’s great for increasing the talent pool, it has created a need for managing a higher volume of applications to hire those top candidates. The answer? Automation. Algorithmic sourcing can help to predict when passive and active candidates are ready for their next move, purely based on their online activities. And text analysis algorithms will make CV sifting bearable by ensuring skills and experience rises to the top of the pile, giving recruiters more time to delve into ‘soft skills’ and motivations for the role. There’s even chatbots which can save time with interview scheduling and feedback. 

4. Be Smart With Assessment Tactics 

Gone are the days when the interview process consisted of being grilled by a panel of assessors for a painful hour. Now, companies are recognising that digital assessment tools can not only give a more accurate picture of potential employees’ skillset but save time and money by eliminating unnecessary face to face stages. Taking some of the assessment online – through video interviewing, scenario-based assessment online, technical exercises – will ensure a diverse range of skills are being tested as well as helping to make the process more efficient. 

5.Don’t Forget The Human Touch!

While technology can help employers hire great candidates, it’s no replacement for the human side of recruitment. Recruitment remains a people-centric activity; candidates want to know that recruiters or employers have understood their individual skills and career aspirations, and a connection between the team and a potential hire is crucial in making the final step towards offer acceptance stage. The best recruiters are those who can make best use of technology while managing relationships with people in the right way. 

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