Live: Bringing Talented Candidates to The Mediterranean Island

11 August 2017 By Alastair Cleland

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​Our new website, powered by Pentasia Malta, is now live. accepts applications from multi-lingual, gaming specialist and tech talent, featuring guides to island life and information on relocation.

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Pentasia Malta: Creating Careers and Transforming Lifestyles

Pentasia is one of the island's most established and high profile recruitment agencies. We've a long history of bringing candidates to Malta from across Europe and worldwide, and have helped 100's build careers and new lives here in the Mediterranean. allows Pentasia to represent the island's numerous opportunities, and attract world-class talent to Malta

The Island's Technical Skills Shortage

Technical skills are always in high demand here in Malta. With the gaming industry continuing to boom, joined by an ever-evolving contingent of digital agencies, suppliers and specialists, demand for talent almost always outstrips supply. 

Language skills are in particular demand. Gaming and tech companies here operate in numerous European markets - UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands and more - creating a constant need for multi-linguists in customer service, marketing and sales roles.

How Works

Malta encourages candidates to consider Malta as a career destination, showing it's potential both for fulfilling work and enjoyable lifestyle. Visitors to the website can explore what Malta has to offer, learn about job opportunities here and apply to arrange a personal consultation with one of our team.