Seasonal searching: Why Christmas could be a great time to job hunt

11 December 2014 By Alastair Cleland

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Thinking about taking a break from your job search during the holidays? You might want to reconsider, as it is probably one of the best times of the year to get that dream position.

Job hunting during the holidays is probably a much better time to look than you might think. Why is it such a good time to look and why do most people think it isn’t?

Well, here’s the thing...

Most people think it’s a bad time to job seek simply because they believe companies aren’t hiring now. The truth is; companies are already recruiting for the New Year as most businesses set their budget for the next year looking to fill openings that start in Jan.

From a recruiter’s perspective, recruiting during the holidays can be a bit trickier. Clients want people immediately. However, employed candidates are a bit more reluctant around this time as they have plans or can’t give a notice period, but hey, that’s what we’re here for.

Part time seasonal jobs are of course in abundance but if you’re looking for a career there’s many benefits to looking this time of year. While many candidates abandon their job search for a few weeks and spend most of the holidays in a food coma, you will be able to join the proactive job seekers out there in taking advantage as employers receive fewer applications in the weeks leading up to Xmas.

Not only does this improve the odds of gaining an interview, it gives candidates plenty of time to prepare and research everything they need to know about the job. Not mention that this time of year many people are much more active on social media, making this a perfect networking opportunity to reach out to contacts. If you’re not yet employed - Don’t be embarrassed to announce your situation as the best leads can come from word of mouth; you never know who can help!