Redefining recruitment in 2015: Modern methods to attract top talent

11 December 2014 By Alastair Cleland

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​The New Year is upon us and recruitment is changing… for the better. Marketing techniques, social media and mobile are revolutionising the recruitment landscape.

Recruitment is always evolving. At Pentasia, we believe innovation is crucial in providing our clients with the best service, to we're always mindful of new trends.

In 2015 leading agencies will have higher sales budgets and even higher projected placement volumes - the global economy is growing, people are spending and more jobs are becoming available as a result. This is great news, for us all. 

With the help of branding, big data and digital marketing tools, recruiters are now more forward thinking. They are better able to understand their markets for talent, assess supply and demand and present their brand/services to the right audience at the right time.

Recruiters who think like a marketer reap rewards

Companies are increasingly aware that candidates who are most likely the best fit aren’t actually looking. As a result, agencies are employing recruiters to act as sales people AND marketers.

Most high calibre professionals are 'passive' - they are not actively seeking a new job. A strategy to target this large segment of talent is a must. Recruiters could benefit from positioning themselves in this way, applying various targeted strategies when necessary.

The modern recruiter will have a strong understanding of digital marketing concepts such as, SEO, Direct Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and but of course; Social Media.

Well-written copy for job specs is essential for search purposes. Candidates will only be able to find the job if the right keywords, tags and phrases are used correctly so it is well recognised by search engines. 

Social media is redefining the recruiting landscape

Social recruiting is redefining recruiting. Ever wonder how recruiters earned their millions of endorsements and connections on LinkedIn? This is due to their proactivity and the virality of their networking efforts, enhancing their reputation and securing quality leads.

It is no secret that LinkedIn is becoming the number one source for quality hires but that does not rule out Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The use of these social channels is also on the rise for researching, sourcing and even as a point of contact. 

LinkedIn is now one of the top channels of choice for recruiters and candidates alike. Why? It’s convenient as it is where your target audience is spending the most time online. Recruiters can purchase a ‘recruiters license’ that allows a search and view of anyone anywhere on LinkedIn. 

Mobiles and tablets increasingly important for job searchers

The use of mobile is certainly expanding for sourcing and searching, playing a key role in the recruiting strategy. Now more than ever, mobile is used to post jobs, search and contact candidates, as well as forward information.

Most importantly, many candidates are searching for jobs on their smartphones. This is more of a handy and discreet way of job searching, especially at work where your boss probably sits near you.

Employers whose sites are mobile friendly present a clear advantage as responsive sites enhances UX/UI tenfold opening up the range of devices that are supported.