Candidate Advice: What to expect from a recruitment consultancy

11 July 2014 By Alastair Cleland

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​There are many benefits to be had for candidates who sign up with a Recruitment Consultancy. Not only will they be able to get their CV positioned in front of many different prospective companies, they should have the chance to be guided through the whole process, start to finish. Even when you are not actively seeking employment, Recruitment Consultants should be able to pick out your skills and contact you about suitable opportunities when they become available.

If you are interested in registering with a Recruitment Consultancy, read on to find out just a few things you should be expecting from your Consultant…


When you register with a Recruitment agency, you want to be offered a service that makes your job search as successful as it can be. Being well connected with different companies is a luxury you might not be able to afford when job searching alone. That should be where a recruiter steps in. A good Recruitment agency should be able to demonstrate their networking skills by putting suitable candidates in front of a number of different companies. However, the number isn’t the most important thing here. Good recruiters will be able to pick out your skills and make strong matches with particular companies that would benefit from them. See our blog post,10 Reasons why Using a Recruitment Agency works, to find out more about what a Recruiters can do to help you land your dream job.

Market knowledge

One of the many benefits of using a Recruitment Consultancy in your job search is that you can get access to a whole host of market and industry knowledge. Particularly in a specialist consultancy, recruiters should be able to provide useful knowledge and insight into the industry they work in. You should expect to be advised on industry specific qualifications and the career opportunities that may be available to you now or in the future. At Pentasia, we believe strongly in the importance of offering career advice, specific to our industry. As a Recruitment Consultancy, we know that is vital we offer you opportunities that will help develop your career. Whether you are new to the iGaming industry or have worked in it for years, our Pentasia Training programme provides courses for people at all different levels of their career.


Consultants should be able to guide you through the recruitment process and make the journey as smooth as possible. Using their experience, they should be able to offer you advice on how to position yourself, according to the in-depth knowledge they have acquired about the client. With this information, a consultant can give you an insight into a company’s work culture as well as provide any other useful information. Candidates should expect to be kept updated with the status of their application and be given feedback on CVs submitted and interviews attended. At Pentasia, we respect our candidates and client’s needs and handle any application you make with discretion and care at all times. We are always happy to offer advice during the recruitment process and give feedback on any applications made. We call ourselves a Consultancy as our consultants are here to go the extra mile when helping our candidates and clients through the recruitment cycle. Therefore meeting our candidates face-to-face to discuss new opportunities is very important to us. To find out more what we can offer you, please read our candidate charter.