iGaming In The News: World Cup stunner affects iGaming operators

11 June 2014 By Alastair Cleland

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​Brazil vs Germany was "one of the most mind-blowing world cup games in history" - but what did it mean for the iGaming industry?

If you didn’t see the infamous World Cup game this week between Germany and Brazil, there is little chance you were able to escape the reaction from many avid football fans either on social media or at the office. Germany, of course, won the match with an amazing 7-1 victory. But with all eyes on Brazil as they played on their home turf, there was much wide-spread disappointment to boot.

The good news for Brazil however is that they have had an impressive amount of coverage in the latest iGaming news due to the publicity of this year’s World Cup. Different stories emerged this week, surrounding the betting and gambling issues associated with Brazil and the World Cup 2014. We take a look at just a few of these headlines to give you the inside scoop.

''Brazil Online Gambling Bill Introduced; Argentina Seeks National Regulator''

Calvinayre.com reported on the recent discussions surrounding the introduction of an online gambling bill for Brazil. Currently in Brazil, the only forms of gambling allowed are horseracing, poker tournaments and lotteries. However, this week Progressive Party Senator, Ciro Nogueira introduced legislation that would legalise and tax online sports betting, casino and bingo products.

''German's 7-1 Thrashing of Brazil Causes Losses for UK Books''

Not only did Germany’s victory over Brazil cause much disappointment this week, it also cost UK bookmakers a lot of money, as Calvinayre.com also reports. An unexpected score, it certainly paid off for the more adventurous gamblers. Many UK Bookmakers paid the price for this however as they lost money on odds that would have otherwise been money-makers for them. Calvinayre concludes by remarking that the match between Brazil and Germany was quite possibly one of the most mind-blowing world cup games in history. But what do you think?

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