How to stand out from the crowd and get work in Gibraltar

17 April 2014 By Alastair Cleland

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​Our consultant Karen Zammit shares insight and tips for candidates seeking work in the Gibraltar peninsular. 

Gibraltar has been a hub of opportunity for many job seekers over the past few years but recently, issues such as a possible Point of Consumption tax in the UK for iGaming companies and problems with crossing La Linea have changed the atmosphere somewhat. Some contacts of mine have seized on these as reasons why it may be more difficult to find a new job.

However, I do have to ask myself whether they and other candidates can really do more to stand out from the crowd despite these issues. Furthermore is there more I can do to help my candidates shine through and give them hope in this current climate?

As a Recruitment Consultant, my aim is to make my clients and candidates happy. After all, both parties have something to offer each other. There are of course opportunities to be found in Gibraltar but it is my job to bring these to my candidates’ attention. Without Recruitment companies, it might not be so easy for people to get noticed and this is why it is so important that I learn as much as I can about the candidates I put forward. Many candidates that I have met over the years have said to me that they have struggled due to economic difficulties of the time but I encourage them to look beyond this and instead look at what they can do to help themselves. For instance, as part of my job as a Recruiter, I offer advice to help tailor CVs to really bring out a person’s skills and experience, and guide them on what my clients are looking for at interview stage. Researching a company thoroughly before an interview is essential to getting noticed but being open, friendly and confident also goes a long way.

Gibraltar is home to some of the largest and most successful online gaming operators in the world and this has created plenty of opportunities for candidates and IT professionals in particular to progress in their chosen careers. I would urge anyone struggling to find work to sign up with a Recruitment Consultancy. They can put your name in front of companies you would never be able to access on your own and most importantly, it’s free!

It is of course also vital that you keep your head held high through any job search and learn how to handle rejection with grace. Do not accept defeat and remember that being persistent will make you a more attractive and employable person to companies in the future. Just like Thomas Edison said “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”, we too need to keep persevering through the hard times. Employment opportunities will fall and rise again and again with little we can do to change it. However if you are doing everything you can to learn more, tune your applications and get your name in front of organisations, you can learn to free yourself from your troubles once and for all.