Digital roles available in iGaming: An Introduction

04 April 2014 By Alastair Cleland

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Our consultant Peter Sewell shares his top tips for candidates looking to work in IT within the industry.

IT and Digital are popular verticals for many of our candidates. The verticals are consistently growing due to the rapid changes in technology and are therefore full of opportunities for work. In iGaming, IT and digital are fundamental parts of how companies run as most of them operate online. Here at Pentasia, we recruit for many roles under these verticals.

There is a huge demand for different kinds of developers within the industry, including software developers, html5 developers, games developers, and UX/UI developers. With the continued advancement in technology, the need for IT candidates specialising in mobile is also growing rapidly.

Technology in Gaming

With around 40% of iGaming positions requiring a strong knowledge of Technology, there is a wealth of tech-related positions available. Although specific iGaming experience is an advantage, continued growth of the industry worldwide demands that we cast a broader net to bring in talent and best-practice across the technology field.


With a huge selection of similar products, User Experience, User Interfaces and high quality campaigns are critical to differentiating brands. With Game Designers, Website, Skin and UX design with banner and email marketing campaign designers, candidates with agency and visually engaging eCommerce experience are in high demand.

Web Development

iGaming offers a digital online product based on high transaction, high availability sites, and brings with it a full range of Developers. With Back End development including a balance of PHP, Java and .NET technologies, there is some uptake of Python and Ruby. Front End technologies have almost wholly moved to HTML5 /CSS3, with jQuery and JavaScript and extensive opportunity for clean coding, efficient developers.

Game Development

With transitions to newer technologies still currently happening, there are a range of languages still in common use. Flash / ActionScript is still common, particularly in conjunction with video streaming and casino games, but there is a strong increase in HTML5 coded games and the use of Game Engines such as Unity or pure C++ coded applications for more intensive gameplay and larger titles.  

Network & Systems

With some operators and software providers enjoying 7 figure user bases, there are a wealth of hardware and back end opportunities. From NOC to Architects working on global network infrastructures and virtualisation to in-house and external support teams maintaining international offices in excess of 1000 users, there are a broad range of opportunities encompassing both Linux and Microsoft environments.

Business Intelligence

There is a significant growth in the use of specific Data Analysis and Business Intelligence capabilities. With a data-heavy real-time environment with extensive competition, operators are looking for a real insight into customer behaviour and product performance. With several operators growing teams of BI analysts and Developers, eCommerce and Financial Services provide a great background for iGaming.​