Interview: iGaming-insider Ian Nicholson on consumer-centric payments (and rewarding careers!)

27 March 2014 By Alastair Cleland


​Ian Nicholson, Chief Commercial Officer at Ilixium Enterprise Payment Platform shares his vast amount of experience in iGaming and the Payments sector.

Ilixium is a global next generation online payment experience that increases revenue for businesses through a consumer–centric payment flow,  designed to make it simple for players to complete a deposit and ‘stay in the game’.

Q: Thank you Ian for speaking with us today. Please start by telling us what your current role involves...

A: My role involves business development, providing insight into product development and tailoring bespoke payments solutions for iGaming clients. As it costs money for clients to acquire players, my role through consultation with prospects and clients is to reduce the cost per acquisition, increase conversion rates and create player loyalty.

Q: What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: Through gaining an understanding of the challenges our clients face, I am able to look at the potential reward we can work towards from improving the overall player user journey. It is extremely rewarding to feel that I am making a difference to my clients’ business by capturing these opportunities for them and helping reduce costs and increase player conversion rates.

Q: What is your background? Do you think your past experience has contributed towards your success in your current role?

A: My background has prepared me enormously for my current role. Everything I have done has been results / data  driven as I have always had to be aware of conversion rates and retention. As Sales Director of Telecoms TV, I was responsible for overseeing the global expansion of the company and developing markets across Central and Eastern Europe. In this role, I needed to have a good understanding of TV channel ratings as this would be one of the measures we would use to calculate optimisation from a gaming format.  

Q: After working in a number of different industries, would you say that they have prepared you for the iGaming industry?

A: I have experience delivering a CallTV format, live roulette and a Music Juke Box on Sky TV and have worked for many years within the iGaming industry on a number of different products. During my 6 years at EntroPay, I had responsibility for the performance of EntroPay within iGaming working with casino, games, bingo, lottery, Sportsbook and online poker Operators. I also built upon my experience in developing, designing and implementing customer acquisition and retention programmes.

Q: Is there anything that particularly attracted you to iGaming?

A: The industry is fast moving and constantly changing, which is great as I can be impatient at times! I face fresh challenges and learn new things every day from this dynamic and exciting industry. I’m privileged to be working with hugely talented and respected individuals who created this global industry !

Q: And finally, Ian, can you offer any advice on what key skills are needed to succeed in a role like yours?

A: Building an extensive knowledge of card schemes, key markets, and regulation are all essential to being successful working in the Payments sector. Over time my understanding of commercial value has grown and I have learnt what I should be looking for to build a strong business case. It is also important to know where you can unlock money which otherwise would be left on the table.