Interview: iGaming insider and operations guru Rui Magalhães

11 February 2014 By Alastair Cleland

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​This week we speak to Rui Magalhães about his role as COO and Head of Operations. Rui shares his knowledge of the industry and tells us what made him choose to work in iGaming.

Q: Thanks Rui for speaking with us today. We would like to find out about your experience of the iGaming industry. Could you start by explaining what your role involves?

A: In my role I take full responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the delivery and development of clients’ products and services. I am required to drive continued definition and transformation of these critical capabilities. Additionally, I take charge of a set of products and service delivery teams (IT, DBA, DCIM, Support, PM, And Client Partners) and have overall management of around twenty people. As part of the management team I am also tasked with achieving improvements in quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction while in turn improving financial contribution.

Q: And what is your broader background in the industry?

A: I come from a background internationally exposed to several different industries and business sectors where I was majorly attached to the ICT function strategy and management. I have worked in Retail, Large Distribution and Reselling, Telecommunications, Casinos, Gambling and Hospitality, Higher Education and now I am in the Online Gambling and Gaming industry.

Q: What would you say is the best part of your job?

A: Nowadays I must say that the best part of my job is starting to see some roots growing from the seeds planted some months ago. We are still far from seeing the flower that we desire but I am already enjoying seeing a team of fantastic people pulling together to make us achieve our 2014 goal for Operational Excellence. Adding to this I find it incredibly rewarding to see the relationships being built with our clients and an increasing mutual understanding for seeking win-win solutions that help us all grow in this emergent but explosive Online Gambling and Gaming Market.

Q: Could you tell us what key skills are needed to succeed in a role like yours?

A: The today’s COO DNA must include both hard and soft key skills. From those I would enlighten the top five that I consider vital in my line of operations and business. Firstly there is ‘Mastery of Change Management’, followed by ‘Engaging in Strategic Board-Level discussions’, ‘Setting and Enforcing Robust Operational Controls’, ‘Deep Industry and Market Knowledge and finally, ‘Finding a multicultural management approach.’

Q: Finally, it would be great to hear what you like about working in Interactive Gaming...

A: Without a shadow of a doubt the two factors that I like most about this line of business are the Dynamics and Creativity. This is an area that never ceases to surprise you with new Market Offers that quickly become massive within a very small timeframe window of opportunity. So, as Integrators, we need to build scalable solutions that allow us to be ready for every new hit that arises, getting our solutions ready in advance of our customers’ needs.