The best of our blog from last year...!

20 December 2013 By Alastair Cleland

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​quick look back some of our top blog posts of this year...

Over the last few months here at Pentasia, we have been able to provide you with some insightful and hopefully helpful articles to keep you in the know about everything iGaming and recruitment. 

Back in August our Consultant for Scandinavia, Henry Petersen shared his experience of relocating to Malta and explains why he felt it was the best decision he ever made. A blog post soon followed in September where we described why we believe using a Recruitment agency really works!

We have also really enjoyed speaking to our consultants as part of our ‘Interview the Recruiter’ feature on our blog. Cara Kerr, Principal Consultant for our UK office started the trend back in September with Marwa Mitchell, VP Recruitment North America, and Anthony Hennessy, Senior Recruitment Consultant for Ireland following suit a few months later. We are extremely grateful for their time and hope that the knowledge and advice they shared helped our existing and prospective candidates.

Our ‘Ask the iGaming Insider’ feature then started in September when we asked Ian Larcombe, Sales Manager at iGaming Business to share an insight into his job and career background. This year we have also spoken to Full Tilt’s VIP Program Loyalty Manager, Oliver Bartlett who kindly offered to share his background and experience in the iGaming industry.

Providing you with helpful knowledge and advice on how to stand out to employers and progress within your career is always extremely important to us. That is why we have written a series of blog posts focusing on just that. In October we shared some top tips on how to stand out to employers on LinkedIn from the first glance of your profile and later on offered some of our consultant’s top tips for candidates looking to ace their interviews.  We also listed our favourite industry websites, including of course our very own iGaming news aggregator,!

As the end of 2013 approaches, make sure to check out our round up of most filled and applied for jobs this year. You can also get into the Christmas spirit by reading our international team of consultants’ local traditions from around the world!

We hope you have enjoyed our blog this year and we expect to make it even better in 2014. Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!