Interview the Recruiter: Cara Kerr Principal iGaming Consultant

11 September 2013 By Alastair Cleland

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Cara Kerr, a Principal (Recruitment) Consultant here at Pentasia’s UK head office, has offered to shed some light on the exciting world of iGaming Recruitment and impart some handy tips to share with our future candidates.

Cara may have spent nearly six years screening candidates at Pentasia but this time, we will be asking her the questions.

Q: What do you like about your job?

A: Working as a recruitment consultant can be challenging and demanding, but what really gets me through is the fact that my career is rewarding and never boring!

As no day is the same, there is great scope to learn and develop my knowledge of iGaming recruitment all the time. Most of all, what I really enjoy about my job is the amount of interaction I get to have with my candidates and clients. I enjoy talking to people and with this job, I never have to stop!

Q: What is your background in recruitment?

A:In total I have worked in recruitment for seven and a half years, starting as a resourcer and then junior consultant for the telecoms, IT and Banking industry. My experience working in recruitment was different in my previous role in terms of the company structure and specialisms I worked in. My previous employer was focused more on mass recruitment and contract positions and all my clients were based in the UK.  

At Pentasia I focus on making permanent placements for an international client base and in my time, I have placed candidates in Ireland, UK, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and other parts of Europe. Pentasia really excited me as a company because of its room for progression. When I joined almost six years ago, Pentasia was a relatively small company; however in the time I have been here I have seen the company and industry expand dramatically. Before working at Pentasia I had a little knowledge of betting & gambling but never realised just how big the market was for it. The industry has become huge, making it a very exciting time for iGaming

Q: What do you like about the iGaming Market?

A:The iGaming industry appealed to me as it was an opportunity to learn about something I didn’t know much about. It’s also a very niche market, which gives you the chance to become an expert in a field where there are few others.

It never gets boring because the roles I recruit for are not generic and every day is different from the next. There are always great industry events to attend and the topic of online gaming and betting is always a conversation starter. I would highly recommend the industry to candidates because of its social aspect; it’s called interactive gaming for a reason!

Q: What positions do you recruit for?

A:I place everyone from Managers to Executives in the Marketing and Product sectors. Positions will commonly be for Marketers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Customer Service Representatives and Web Designers. I do find however that marketing roles are the most common as marketing people are usually in high demand. Predominantly I deal with the larger iGaming operators all with UK offices. However companies can also include PLCs in the public/stock market or start-ups from across Northern Europe.

Q: What do you look for in your candidates?

A:When recruiting candidates I am always looking for “that spark”. I really want to know what else they do beyond the CV and their general responsibilities. I am looking for what makes them stand out from the crowd. I like to know a candidate’s actual achievements and physical contributions to a role they’ve been working in. I need clear examples of someone’s hard work instead of general words and phrases.

Q: Just one final question, Cara - Do you gamble?

A:I must admit that I do like a flutter on the Grand National but it’s purely for research purposes!