Relocating to Malta: The best decision I've ever made

11 August 2013 By Alastair Cleland

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​Our consultant Henry Petersen moved from his home in Scandinavia to start up a new career (and life) in Malta. He shares his thoughts on the good and the bad...

Relocating to start a new job is always a big decision, whether you are moving to another town or to a different country. However your reasons for moving will influence the decision you make.

For some, the desire to experience a different culture and improve upon their language skills could be a motivating factor. Whereas for others, it could simply be that they want to escape their current climate or find a higher paying job. No matter what these reasons are, the important thing to remember when making such an important decision is to prioritise this list, and of course, prioritise correctly.

When I moved to Malta I found that the great work-life balance I had achieved enabled me to enjoy the experience of relocating even more.  It was the experience I was looking for, and now four years down the line, I can easily say that it was the right decision for me. I am now part of a new society; working, living and enjoying life just like a local.

Malta is a perfect destination for all people, regardless of age and status. When making the decision to move there however, it really comes down to personal choice. And when considering the pros and cons of moving your whole family there for instance, you really need to do what feels right.

There are good and bad points to living in Malta, just like any other country you choose to live in. While some local customs and practices might take some getting used to, many will be drawn in by the delicious food and friendly people the island has to offer. It is also worth mentioning that MaIta hosts annual concerts for the likes of MTV and succeeds in being one of the safest countries to live in, despite its vibrant nightlife. I strongly feel that choosing to appreciate the positives of living here has kept me happy and fulfilled, allowing me to take on the challenges in my stride.

Relocating to Malta was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only do I get to enjoy the wonderful beaches, restaurants and rich history that Malta has to offer, I also get the experience I have always desired. Life is great when a career decision leads to a better lifestyle, especially when 260 days of sun shine is part of the deal! So with that said, remember to make the desicion that is best for you, taking not only your job into account, but the life that comes with it. 

Henry Petersen, Consultant for Scandinavian market