Gibraltar: A Job Seeker’s Introduction

07 June 2013 By Alastair Cleland

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​The Iberian Peninsula provides the perfect setting for those looking to live and work in warm, sunny climes. Idyllic beaches, over 300 days of sunshine per year and an excellent quality of life have always attracted expatriates to Gibraltar and the surrounding areas of Southern Spain. Nowadays though, this part of the world has even more to offer. Fleeing home turf in search of sun, sea and sand needn’t mean putting your career on hold...

Gibraltar has fast become one of Europe’s top iGaming hubs. From well-established businesses such as William Hill and Gala to more recent, lesser known firms and start-ups, the Rock has never been so awash with opportunities at companies operating in what is a regulated jurisdiction and benefiting from a low corporate and personal tax regime.

Thanks to these companies, levels of employment in Gibraltar are higher than most parts of neighbouring Andalucia and indeed Europe and with so many new iGaming brands basing themselves here, new job opportunities are always presenting themselves.

Gibraltar’s iGaming industry welcomes professionals from all over the world, ensuring a vibrant, multicultural working environment and a diverse social scene. And because life is a little more laid-back than that in Northern Europe, most newcomers to The Rock find it easy to make friends in what is one of the safest environments in Europe.

But it’s not just the young, free and single who are swapping the seeming drudgery of northern countries for the mild winters and Mediterranean lifestyle. We are seeing an increase in families making the move too.  Because Gibraltar and Spain are significantly more family-orientated than most non-Latin-speaking countries, they are both ideal places to raise young children – something that as a recruiter (and I am sure other recruiters have noticed as well) is a determining factor in what can seem quite a daunting move.

Relocating to Gibraltar and the surrounding area is made easier for many with help from iGaming companies and their Human Resources departments, who offer relocation packages for new employees and are always on hand to offer advice on subjects such as the best local estate agents to speak to and the right areas in Spain to look for accommodation.

Then there’s the task of gaining employment on the Rock in the first place. For this, there are recruitment companies such as Pentasia (and I admit readily I work for this global company) who can help you identify and apply for the right opportunity for you and then lead you through the interview process.  In later articles we will be giving advice on the best way to go about this, covering subjects such as tailoring your CV, presenting yourself, adding to your own knowledge of the location and industry etc.

For now though, it’s worth reiterating that this region I call home provides an opportunity for many to build or continue a career in one of the most historic and ideally situated locations in Europe.