DEI Statement

Let's Build A Better Working World

Pentasia believes in building more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. That starts with our own team, a group of 100+ individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and over 20 nationalities. Together, we use our influence to advocate for greater diversity, equity and inclusivity within our industries. 

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion includes:

  • Promoting access to opportunities regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith, disability, gender or generation

  • Continually learning and developing our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusivity best practice – we run training for all new recruits, and at regular intervals for all staff

  • Inspiring individuals from all backgrounds to enter into and progress within our focus industries

  • Running inclusive, accessible and unbiased hiring and interview processes–including, for example, issuing blind CVs at senior level - and supporting clients to do so

  • Promoting equality in pay regardless of gender or background

  • Championing merit-based pathways into leadership

To learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion, connect with us today.